Vans Warped Tour ’13 By the Numbers

With 2014 only days away, it also means approaching the 20th anniversary of the Vans Warped Tour. Next summer, will mark two decades for the “punk rock summer camp.” If you’ve ever visited the tour, you already pretty know what to expect including hot weather, lots of stages and even more bands. Not to forget, music is what brings all of the fans to this long-lasting event. VWT is not only an outlet for fans of all ages to find new music and interactive with the bands they love most; charity is another big part of the tour. From collecting canned food to picking up recycling around the venue, VWT encourages volunteers to get involved within the music community they love so much. For the last few years, a VWT crew member has been tallying up data of the donations, ticket sales, number of stages and more. The information is typically posted on social media sites such as Instagram or screen printed on t-shirts and soon spreads like wildfire to music websites such as AltPress and PropertyOfZack. If you’re interested in checking out the 2013 stats, as posted on AltPress in August earlier this year, check it out here. This bar chart represents the number of pounds collected in terms of canned food, recycling as well as ice given out to beat the heat. For those not familiar with the tour, canned food is typically collected in exchange for front of the line passes. Recycling is also collected throughout the day during each stop of the tour. As bands are already being announced for the 2014 trek, don’t miss out on anything that this eclectic tour has to offer. VWT is a place that has it all: charities, music, friends and most of all, summer memories.


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